Art Accents-Introduction

These add-on art accents are simple, yet HIGHLY motivating to children!  Even my most timid writers quickly find a reason to write if they know they can stick a sticker, add googly eyes or paint to create a fun border design.

The thoughts I had behind these art accents were to:

  1. Motivate the children to write.
  2. Reward their finished work.
  3. Make the writing piece look especially nice.

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Set Up:

The way I run my camps is, the children write at the tables in the front of the room.  Then, I set up an art accent table at the back of the room.

As campers finish their writing, they move to the back table to complete their 5 minute art accent.  Then, they either set the piece aside to dry or place it in a plastic page protector*.

The cost of so many plastic page protectors may not be realistic for a school class.  But for the stories that add sand, seeds, glitter and the like, you will probably want them.  I get them from Walmart*.

At the art accent table, I only put the materials necessary for that day’s writing.  Sometimes it’s just stickers.  Other times it’s any combination of the following:


  1. Manila folders opened to protect the table (A Dollar Tree table cloth can work.  If you want to spend a bit more, Amazon has plastic table covers with elastic*.)
  2. Glue dots*, glue sticks* and Elmer’s Glue*.   I usually hand out the glue dots if/when children need them.  We typically use those for the times we need to glue craft pom poms*,  pipe cleaners* or sequins*.  Googly eyes* stick fine with glue sticks or glue.  (Remember, I only set out the materials needed to complete the art accent that accompanies the students’ writing that day.)
  3. Third, a flat, rectangular, plastic container* to shake sand and glitter into.  This container is great, because I usually use it to store and transport the materials needed for the day.  I purchased mine at Walmart*.  Any container that is larger than an 8.5″x 11″ piece of paper will do.
  4. Sequins*, googly eyes*…whatever accent is needed for the lesson.
  5. Markers*
  6. Paint*
  7. Finally, plastic page protectors*, available for the campers’ finished product.

Here’s a list of art accent materials to get you started.

This list may cause you to generate ideas of your own. And I will be adding more materials as I use them in my own teaching.  If you’d like to receive ideas regularly, you can sign up to receive my free monthly newsletter below.

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