6 Easy Candy Cane Art Accents

These easy candy cane art accents are highly motivating to writers and reward them for the work!  In addition, they add color and charm to each child’s story.

The following art accent ideas can be used with any writing prompt involving candy canes.  Use one idea or combine some!

Bordered Paper

For all of my writing classes, students write on bordered paper.  That way they can decorate the border around their writing with an art accent.  You can print and use this paper as well.  Here is the paper for Grades K-2 and Grades 2-7.  Here’s a printout of a border with no lines to use with very early writers.

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Surprisingly Simple

The ideas below might seem extremely elementary to you, too simple, little flash.  BUT, I’m telling you.  Each time I hang a sample border and tell my writers that they get to make their own once they’re done writing, they perk up.

The mere idea of adding a decorative border motivates them to write.  The ideas below are only suggestions.  You might think of your own!  And your students will surely come up with their own as well.  The key is that the candy cane art accent motivates and rewards your writers.

  1. Use any kind of candy cane stickers*.

candy cane stickers


2. Draw two big candy canes using a red marker.

draw two big candy canes using red marker

Here’s a sample for you to print and hang.

3. Draw small candy canes around the border using a red marker.

draw small candy canes using red marker

Here’s a sample for you to print and hang.


4.  Have the students write on any stationary paper that has candy canes.

candy cane stationary paper
ABC Stickers

5. Use ABC stickers* to write a title.

a student's story about candy canes

6. Hand out candy canes* for the students to eat!!

an actual candy cane


A BONUS IDEA is to make Candy Cane Themed Butter Slime or Fluffy Candy Cane Slime.

Recently, I’ve discovered the master slime maker at Little Bins for Little Hands.  My own children followed her instructions and had a blast.  So much, that I’m going to find ways to incorporate slime into writing prompts and have students make it for their art accent!

Writing Prompts

My students added these art accents to the following writing prompts:

Candy Cane Ornament-Instructions

Sweet Dreams-Fantasy