14 Writing Prompt Ideas to Use With Calendar Pictures

Calendar pictures are a winner at my writing camps EVERY TIME!  They serve as a most simple art accent that motivates writers and rewards them for their work!

The themes are endless.  It’s something the kids can hold on to, look at closely and keep to take home.  They love them and choosing their picture is half the fun!


Below is a list of ways that I’ve used calendar pictures in my writing camps that have yielded great results!

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Just being able to choose a calendar page is highly motivating for children.  Always make sure you have more pages than children so they can truly choose.




  1. Use a scenic picture to write personification around it.  Find the full lesson here.


2. Use a scenic picture to write a Haiku poem.  See the full lesson here.


Diamond Poem

3.  Use a picture of a landmark from around the world.  Write a diamond poem about it.  Check out how to write a diamond poem here.


Descriptive Introduction

4. Use a scenic picture to write a descriptive introduction to a fictional story.  Here’s a sample lesson plan that can be applied to almost any scenic page.

Science Fiction

5.  Use a scenic picture to go along with the writing prompt titled “Exhausted Electronics” in the post, 6 Science Fiction Guided Writing Lessons for Kids.


A to Z Poem

6.  Use a horse or kitten picture to write an A to Z poem.  Here’s the full lesson.


7.  Use a horse picture to go along with the prompt titled, “I’d Love to be Your Pet,”  a non-fiction essay told by the horse. (COMING SOON!)

8.  Use any animal picture to write non-fiction. (The full lesson is COMING SOON!)

5 year old


9.  Use an animal picture to write a quote that accompanies a full story.

This was an absolute favorite one summer ago in the fantasy writing camp.  The children chose an animal page and had to write the one sentence that the animal was saying.  This sentence was a turning point in the story.  Check out the full lesson plan here.


10. Use a cat or dog picture to write a persuasive letter convincing your mom or dad that you’re ready for a pet!  You can find the full lesson here.


11. Use a picture of an unusual animal to write a fictional letter to a friend.  The letter introduces your new “pet”.  Here’s the full lesson.


12. Use an animal picture for a comic monologue, dialogue or 3+ character conversation.  Check out the full lesson here!



Descriptive List

13.  Use any picture to write a 5 Minutes Descriptive List.  Here’s the full lesson.


14. Use any page for rhyme. I’ve been teaching summer camps for 4 years now.  Every year there’s a poetry camp and every poetry camp entails a calendar page lesson.  Returning campers love it, remember it and look forward to it!

See the full lesson here.

Print the List!

Here’s the full list for you to print out and use.

I have more calendar ideas that I simply haven’t posted yet.  There’s definitely more to come.  If you’d like to receive new ideas regularly, you can subscribe below to my free monthly newsletter!


Also, if you’ve thought of an idea yourself and just need calendars to go along with it, www.calendars.com has a great deal to choose from!