Birthday Art Accents

Kids love all things birthday.  These easy art accents motivate writers and reward them for the work!  In addition, they add color and charm to each child’s story.

Writing Prompts

These art accents can be used for ANY story about a birthday.  We used these art accents to go along with the following writing prompts:

Birthday Party-Personal Narrative

Birthday Bash-Science Fiction

Birthday balloon

Bordered Paper

The campers wrote on lined paper with a border.  Here’s a printout of the lined paper I use for Grades 2-7  and Grades K-2.  For very early writers, we use bordered paper without lines.

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Here’s the list of ideas!  You can use one or combine some!

  1. Use stationary paper.


2. Use markers to draw in balloons, a cake, candles, streamers, etc. around the border.

Here’s one student’s border after writing a Birthday Bash-Science Fiction Story

Birthday Bash-Science Fiction

3. Use stickers* to fill the border and/or  ABC stickers* to write the title.

Here’s a sample to print and use.

Birthday stickers

4.  Bring a cake!  I brought in pies last summer when I taught this lesson at our summer Personal Narrative Camp:

Birthday pie birthday girl

I brought cupcakes to an after school writing class.

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