Passionate and timid writers alike are guided to write, then prompted to play!  The writing games are custom-made to fine tune grammar and spelling, increase vocabulary and stimulate out of the box thinking.

( Intended for Grades K-5)

Writing PromptsGood writers develop by writing often.  These  prompts were designed to help young writers think creatively, organize their ideas and finish their work in a short amount of time.  Read more

Art AccentsEven my most timid writers quickly find a reason to write if they know they can stick a sticker, add googly eyes or paint to create a fun border design. Read more

Whiteboard GamesThe whiteboard games were created with a lot of people in mind.  They can easily be modified to fit various languages, topics, ages and levels of learning.  Read more

Talking Games                I find that almost any time I put a child in front of the classroom, the whole class listens easily and well. These quick games can fill a few spare minutes, or be stretched out, according to your time. Read more