Writing Wonders now offers online writing classes to students ages 5-18.

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Do you want to help your child improve in writing?

Author of Fun Writing Ideas, and Founder of Writing Wonders, Angie Marino, recently published the book, KIDS WIN AT WRITING: A Step by Step Breakthrough to Teaching Children How to Write, Spell, and Read. Order your own copy on Amazon HERE!

Who Knew That Writing Could Be Fun?!

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Passionate and timid writers alike are guided to write, then prompted to play!  The writing games are custom-made to fine tune grammar and spelling, increase vocabulary and stimulate out of the box thinking.

( Intended for Grades K-5)

Writing Prompts

Good writers develop by writing often.  These  prompts were designed to help young writers think creatively, organize their ideas and finish their work in a short amount of time.  Read more

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Art Accents

Even my most timid writers quickly find a reason to write if they know they can stick a sticker, add googly eyes or paint to create a fun border design. Read more

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Writing Games

The whiteboard games were created with a lot of people in mind.  They can easily be modified to fit various languages, topics, ages and levels of learning.  Read more

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Talking Games

I find that almost any time I put a child in front of the classroom, the whole class listens easily and well. These quick games can fill a few spare minutes, or be stretched out, according to your time. Read more

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Are your worried about your child’s writing?

Do your students struggle with, or dread, writing? Do you want to build a strong writer early on? I’m now offering online writing classes for kids ages 7-14. Check out the class offerings here!

Also, coming soon is my new booK:

Win at Writing and Reading!


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Tired of screens?

Try building with your kids!

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Thinking About Homeschooling?

One Way to Homeschool

A Sample Homeschool Schedule

An Easy and On-Going Spelling Strategy

Wednesday Writing Lessons

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