Kids Really Love to Write Poetry!

Kids write poetry!  It’s the time to rhyme, sing songs, rap and tap!  I haven’t found a camper yet that hasn’t enjoyed writing poetry at our summer camps.

Any Topic!

Poetry is typically short and can cover ANY topic.   Get your kids to write their own poems by using the guided lessons below.

Kids write poetry about any topic that interests them, dinosaurs, cookies, cars, books, what have you!  Choose from the lessons below to get started!  Add an easy art accent to add color and charm to each poem.

A to Z Poems

Kids write poetry-a to z poems

A Horse (or Kitten) A to Z Poem

Leopard-A to Z Poem

Our Thanksgiving Turkey-An A to Z Poem

Valued Person-A to Z Poem

The Valiha-A to Z poem


Kids write poetry-acrostic

Acrostic Poems


Kids write poetry-alliteration

I’m Thankful For–A Thanksgiving List Poem

Packing-A List Poem

Diamond Poem

Diamond poem about snow poetry

All About Me-Diamond Poem

Snow Poetry


kids write poetry-haiku



Onomatopoeia poem-poetry

Onomatopoeia-Writing Prompt


Personification on a calendar picture-poetry





Write Your Own Nursery Rhymes

Short Videos

Take this lesson a step further and show your students these fun rap and tap rhyme songs with Jack Har!

I Love to Rhyme

Sight Word Rap

There’s definitely more to come!

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