Snow Poetry

Snow poetry is a great writing activity during the winter season. There’s so much the students can focus on such as the snow itself, snow activities, feeling cold, warming up. Give your students plenty of time to think about snow and which part they want to focus on in their snow poems.

In addition, the super simple snow art accents consistently motivate writers and reward them for their work! The art accents add color and charm to each child’s poem.

Three Snow Poems

Check out these three snow poems your students can write.


  1. A Haiku
Haiku--Snow Poetry

Print and follow the lesson below making the topic for the Haiku snow.

Haiku Games

After writing a Haiku, we play Words-1-4 Syllables and Phrases-3-7 Syllables

A Diamond Poem

2. A Diamond Poem

Diamond Poem-Snow poetry

Print and follow the lesson below using the topic snow.

Diamond Poem Games

60 Seconds-Nouns-Adjectives-Verbs

A list of nouns that start with m

One Adjective-Many Nouns

the word 'gray' on a whiteboard

3 Nouns-1 Adjective

a boy saying three adjectives

An Acrostic Poem

3. An Acrostic Poem

Acrostic poem-Snow Poetry

Print and follow the lesson below choosing a word that has to do with snow.

Acrostic Poem Games

We play Acrostic Races after writing an Acrostic Poem.


Make sure your students complete their snow poetry with a super simple snow art accent!

Snow Science

Take this lesson a step further and watch this short 2 minute video titled, “What Makes it Snow? It explains how snow is formed.