Valued Person Poem-A to Z

This valued person poem is a precious gift idea on Valentine’s Day.  It’s a great way to express how much you value any one person.  An A to Z poem is a simple and meaningful way to do it!

A to Z

This is a fairly quick lesson and a lot of fun.  I write the letters A to Z in two columns on the whiteboard, like this:

valued person poem

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Bordered Paper

Have students do the same thing on their paper.  You can print one of the following templates.  Grades K-2  or Grades 2-7  There are lines to make it easier for the students to see where to place the letters.  These templates also have a border so they can later complete their art accent by adding any one of the Valentine’s Day art accents.

Having the children write their own two columns of letters can be tricky.  Teach them to write the first column next to the left line.  The second column should start in the middle of the paper, so it looks like this:

valued person poem valued person poem

If you don’t have much time to work with, or you are working with younger children, I suggest using the template that already has the letters typed in.  There’s one for young writers Grades K-2 and one for older writers Grades 2-7.

Now for the lesson!

  1. Begin by telling the students that they’re going to fill the letters A to Z with adjectives, verbs, phrases or a mix of all three to describe the valued person.
Younger or Struggling Writers

From my experience younger writers do well using a lot of verbs:

Older or Advanced Writers

While older writers can handle more adjectives.

2. Work together as a group to fill the letters A-Z.

3. Students then write their own poem, either using some of the words you write together and adding words of their own OR writing the entire poem using their own words.  They only need to write one word or phrase per letter.


3. Upon completing the A to Z poem, students can write a title with ABC stickers* or marker and decorate their border with a Valentine’s Day art accent.

Print the Lesson

Here is the full lesson for you to print out and use.

This prompt can be used with ANY animal or noun.   We used this same format for the Valiha-A to Z poem and the Leopard-A to Z poem.


Word Scramblers (using character traits.  Here’s a list of character traits for you to print and use.)

Taboo (using people)

A more advanced game that can be played is Spin an Adjective, Noun,Verb