Onomatopoeia-Writing Prompt

This onomatopoeia writing prompt makes students aware that there are many onomatopoeias all around them.


Kids LOVE onomatopoeias!

We start off this lesson by playing Onomatopoeias-A to Z .  This game gives us a long list of onomatopoeias to choose from and write about.

(If you don’t have time to play the game and complete the onomatopoeia writing prompt, you can print the long list and hand it out to your students.  Give them time to choose an onomatopoeia.)

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Now for the lesson!

  1. Remind the students that an onomatopoeia is a word created to represent a sound.  Give examples (drip, meow, crash etc.).
  2. If you haven’t played Onomatopoeias A to Z, brainstorm a long list of onomatopoeias with the students.
  3. Have the students choose an onomatopoeia to write about.

Now to write!

  1. On scrap paper, write a list of things that make that sound (i.e. for CRASH) OR a list of things that cause someone to say that sound (i.e. for YUCK!)
  2. For the final draft, students can write their onomatopoeia word really big at the top of their page with marker or ABC stickers*.
  3. Under the onomatopoeia, write the list of things in the center of the paper.
  4. Write the onomatopoeia one more time under the list.
  5. Illustrate the onomatopoeia in the space around the list.
  6. Make sure you give students time to read their lists and show their friends. They LOVE this part!

Enjoy some of these examples from students ages 5-11 !

onomatopoeia writing prompt onomatopoeia writing prompt onomatopoeia writing prompt onomatopoeia writing prompt 

Print the Lesson

Here’s the full lesson for you to print out and use.

Here are 2 examples that I created for you to print out and hang.


Onomatopoeia Races


List-Guess the Onomatopoeia