Easy Watermelon Art Accents You Don’t Want to Miss!

These easy watermelon art accents motivate students to write and reward them for their work! In addition, they add color and charm to any child’s story. Lastly, eating watermelon makes a fun and happy snack!

Kids eating watermelon

The following watermelon art accents can be used with ANY writing prompt about watermelon.

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First, for all of my writing classes, students write on bordered paper.  As a result, they can decorate the border around their writing with an art accent.  You can print and use this paper as well. 

Lined Paper With a Border

Here is the paper for Grades K-2 and Grades 2-7.  Here’s a printout of a border with no lines to use with very early writers.

The ideas below might seem extremely elementary to you. However, each time I hang a sample art accent and tell my writers that they get to make their own once they’re done writing, they perk up. 

The mere idea of adding a decorative border motivates them to write! 

The ideas below are only suggestions.  You might think of others.  More importantly, your students will surely surprise you with their own ideas!

  1. Draw one big slice of watermelon using markers.
One big watermelon slice drawn around the border of the fairy tale

2. Or, students can also draw many small slices of watermelon using markers.

many small watermelons drawn around the border of a child's fairy tale

3. Glue sequins* on for seeds. (Glue dots* work best if you have them.)

Glue sequins to the watermelon slice around the border of the child's fairy tale

For the writing prompt, One Watermelon Seed, the students glued one golden sequin* to represent the magical seed.

use one sequin to represent the golden seed

4. Use ABC Stickers* to write a title.

ABC stickers to write a title

5. Hand out plates of watermelon for your students to eat!

Kids eating watermelon

Write About Watermelon!

Here are watermelon lessons that I’ve posted so far:

One Seed-A Fairy Tale

A Personal Narrative

A 5 Minute Descriptive List

Your students can also choose to write:

An acrostic poem

A Haiku

A Diamond Poem

Future Posts

In the future, I’ll be adding more guided writing lessons about watermelon. They will include the following genres.

A Comic

An Opinion

How To-Instructions


Science Fiction…what have you….all about watermelon!

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