Leopard Rosettes

This easy leopard art accent is highly motivating to writers and rewards them for the work!  In addition, it adds color and charm to each child’s story.  Like most of our easy art accents, these leopard rosettes can be completed in less than 5 minutes and added to any writing piece about leopards.

My summer writing campers wrote an A to Z poem about leopards.  Then, they finished the border of their poem with this leopard rosettes art accent.

Bordered Paper

The campers wrote on lined paper with a border.  Here’s a printout of the lined paper I use for PreK-KGrades 2-7  and Grades K-2.  The PreK-K paper doesn’t have lines and is only used for very early writers.

Here are the 2 simple steps!

First, writers complete their poem.  Then, they use a yellow marker to color the border all the way around.

leopard art accent

Next, they use a black marker to color in the rosettes.

leopard art accent


Here is a sample to print and hang.

Facts About Leopards

Take this lesson a step further.  Have your students read facts about leopards here!

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