Servals-Art Accent

Here are two art accents to along with the Serval-Personal Narrative writing prompt.  I decided to focus on the tall grass for this art accent since most of the campers wrote about how silly it was for the humans to cut the grass.  The serval kept waiting for the grass to grow long and the humans kept cutting it!

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The FIRST art accent is really easy.  All you need is a white crayon, green water color paint* and water.

Using the white crayon, fill the border with grass.  The pen marks below show where students can draw the grass.

Now, paint the entire border with green water color paint.  The white crayon lines will show through, making it look like grass.

Here’s a sample to print and hang.

The SECOND art accent is surely unique and I discovered it by sheer accident.  I learned that you can brush tempera paint on a a plastic page protector*.

First, take the page protector.

Lay it down so that the white holes are on the RIGHT and the opening is at the top.

Paint vertically, from top to bottom over the plastic page protector with green tempera paint*.


Spray it with Mod Podge*.

Let it dry.

This art accent goes very fast.   The drying just takes a bit of time.  While it’s drying, the children can draw a serval (or color a serval like this one) to place in the plastic page protector behind the green paint.  The green paint looks like tall grass hiding the serval.

Here’s the image above for you to print out and hang for your students.

FINALLY, if you store this story in a binder or three ring folder, the story should be facing up in the plastic page protector (holes on the left).  The drawing and paint should be facing down or on the back.