The “qu” Queen Fairy Tale that Kids Love!

This Q-U Queen fairy tale lesson is just too much fun!   The idea stemmed from me wanting to work with the kids on words that start with ‘qu’.

These words aren’t terribly common and whenever my young students use them, I inevitably read, cwiet for ‘quiet and kween for ‘queen’ etc.

Common Core State Standards

NOTE: This lesson can address the following Common Core State Standards:  CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.K.3, W.1.3, W.2.3, W.3.3, W.3.3.B, W.3.3.C, W.3.3.D, W.4.3, W4.3.A, W.4.3.B, W.4.3.C, W.4.3.D, W.4.3.E, W.5.3, W.5.3.A, W.5.3.B, W.5.3.C, W.5.3.D and W.5.3.E.


To get a full understanding on how I conduct each writing lesson you may want to read the Writing Prompts Introduction post.  The “qu” queen fairy tale lesson outlined below (and all other prompts posted) will make more sense and be easier to follow and use.  Here’s the lined paper I use for Grades K-2 and Grades 2-7

Tell the Story Line

Tell the story line: “A king needs a queen, but he is very picky.  Explain that all of the reasons he doesn’t like a woman have to begin with “qu.”  Also, the reasons he DOES like a woman have to start with “qu”.  Explain that he doesn’t like the first two women.  Then, he likes a woman that doesn’t like him.  Finally, he finds a woman he loves.  She loves him too.”

Short Video

If you’re able, show this short 90 second video to help students think and visualize words that start with qu.


Brainstorm a list of words that start with “qu”. Write the students’ responses on the board.  Add your own words to the list.

The queen fairy tale-words that start with qu

Brainstorm “qu” reasons a king may like or dislike a woman.  Here are some examples.  Add your own ideas!


The queen fairy tale--reasons that start with qu

Serious or Silly

Explain to the students that this q-u queen fairy tale can be normal or really funny.  It’s funny if a very picky king finally falls in love with a woman who is quirky or quacks when she laughs.  The story is also funny if he simply meets these quirky woman time after time but then finally meets a lovely woman whom he falls in love with.  The story can go any which way!

Show the 5 Sections


1st Woman (he doesn’t like)

2nd Woman (he doesn’t like)

3rd Woman (she doesn’t like him)

4th Woman (they love each other)

As mentioned in my writing prompts introduction:  K-1st Graders are encouraged to write 1 sentence for each section, 2nd Graders 2 sentences, 3rd Graders 3 sentences and so on.


Guide the students through the following steps.  They are free to use their own words.  Remind the students that ANYTHING can happen in their q-u queen fairy tale as long as they follow the steps to keep their story organized.  There are examples in italics for your own guidance.

  1.  Introduce the problem.

Long ago in the land of Quail, there lived a king named Quinn.  Quinn was a very picky king.  The people living in Quail worried that he would never marry.

(The location and king’s name do not have to start with qu but can if the students want).

1st woman that he doesn’t like

2.  Write about the first woman he met and didn’t like.

One woman that he met was too quiet.  She hardly spoke.  And when she did speak he couldn’t hear what she said!

2nd woman that he doesn’t like

3.  Third, write about the 2nd woman he met and didn’t like.

Another woman ate way too quickly.  As soon as she received her food, it was gone in 60 seconds.  Food was all over her face, dress and hands.  She left a mess at the table.

3rd woman that he liked, but didn’t like him

4.  Fourth, write about the 3rd woman he met and liked, but who didn’t like him.

One day, he met a woman who was quite lovely, eating quail for lunch.  He liked her immediately.  However, later she complained that he asked her too many questions.  She refused to talk with him after that.

The king’s disappointment

5.  Older students can write about the king’s feelings at this point in the story.

The king was very disappointed.  He had never liked a woman before.  He also started to worry that he would never get married.

4th woman that he loves and who loves him!

6.  Write about the 4th woman that he met and liked. She liked him too!

Then, one day, a woman from the next town over brought him a most beautiful quilt.  At first she quivered when she spoke and then quacked when she laughed.  The king found her to be most delightful!  He smiled.  She smiled back.

The Ending

7.  Lastly, write the ending to the story.

They married and lived happily ever after.  The people of Quail were so happy to have a queen!

Print the Lesson

Here’s the full lesson for you to print out and use.


Once the students are finished writing they can create a queen’s tiara to go around the border of their writing.

queen fairy tale, tiara around the border

Bordered Paper

For all of my writing classes, students write on bordered paper.  That way they can decorate the border around their writing with an art accent.  You can print and use this paper as well.  Here is the paper for Grades K-2 and Grades 2-7.  Here’s a printout of a border with no lines to use with very early writers.

Here are the steps!

Show Samples of a Queen’s Tiara
  1. Before the students write their story, I show them an art accent sample that I made. Here are 2 samples to print and hang.

a queen's tiara, sample art accent

This excites the students and motivates them to write.

  1. I also show them two images of what real queen crowns have looked like so they can have an idea of the shape.  You can print out these images here.

a queen's tiara a queen's tiara

Yellow Marker
  1. Once the students complete their story, they use a yellow marker to form the crown in the border around their writing.
Glue Dots and Sequins

4.  Then, they use Elmer’s glue (or better yet, glue dots) to glue sequins* to the yellow crown.  We found that a glue stick didn’t hold the sequins after a while.

a queen's tiara, sequins

I am not particular AT ALL on how they form their crown or decorate it.  I give them free reign to create their own.  The art accents not only motivate students to write, but also reward them for their work!

a queen's tiara sample art accent

ABC Stickers
  1. Lastly, students can write a title using ABC Stickers*.

a queen's tiara, sample art accent

Because this prompt is a love story, you can use any one of the Valentine’s Day art accents instead of a queen’s tiara.  Use whichever fits your students’ interests and abilities best!

The queen fairy tale art accent

The queen fairy tale art accent


Correct the paragraph

Silly Sentences:  (#2 of our Top 5 Writing Games) Use words that start with ‘qu’ to play!

Word Scramblers (Here’s a list of ‘qu’ words to scramble.)

Taboo  (using the PEOPLE cards)