Horse Writing Prompt-A Happy A to Z Poem

This horse writing prompt is a lot of fun! Moreover, of the horse writing prompts that I have posted, this is the easiest. I have SO many writers who love horses so this has been a very popular lesson.

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It takes a few minutes to get the students set up, but once they understand what to do, they really enjoy thinking of words and completing the poem.

Common Core State Standards

NOTE: This lesson can address the following Common Core State Standards: CCSS.ELA.LITERACY.L.K.1.B, L.1.1.E, L.1.1.F, L.1.5.D, L.2.1.E, L.2.5.B, L.2.6, L.3.1.A and l.3.1.D.

Key Notes

Here are a few notes to get you started:

  • This writing prompt can be used with ANY animal or noun that does not begin with the letter A or Z. 

Letters H-Q Animals
  • It works best if the noun starts with a letter of the alphabet that is near the center (i.e. H-Q).  HORSE, HAWK, KITTEN and Mountain Lion are several examples. That way there are a handful of adjectives before the noun and a handful of verbs after the noun.
A kitten on a calendar picture
A completed A to Z poem about a kitten
Adjectives and Verbs
  • Teach or review adjectives (describing words) and verbs (action words).
  • With younger students, work together to fill in the poem.  Write a poem on the board for them to refer to or copy from, if necessary.
  • Have older students work independently.  At the end, if they need help filling in the gaps, do so!
  • The instructions below are for the noun HORSE.  The poem can be serious and true or silly and fictional.
Print the A to Z Template


Guide the students through the following steps.

  1. First, write the word HORSE in capital letters and next to the letter H.
  2. Second, leave the letter A blank.
  3. Third, write ONE adjective for each letter B to G.
horse writing prompts-a to z poem

4.  Fourth, write ONE verb for each letter I to Z. For the letter X, write a verb that starts with EX as in EXITS.

horse writing prompts, a to z poem

Sample Poem

5.  Here’s a sample poem for the noun HORSE:

A complete A to Z horse poem, horse writing prompts

Additional Ideas


For the HORSE poem, students can write the word IS for the letter I.  Then, the letters J-Z can be –ing verbs.

A complete A to Z poem using verbs that end in ing, horse writing prompts
-ing verbs

If students want to write HORSES, they can write an adjective for A. Their verbs I-Z will not have an s on the end.


ABC Stickers

6.  For the title, use a marker or ABC stickers* to write the name of the horse at the top of the poem.

Thematic Stickers

7.  Once the students are done writing their poem they can add thematic stickers (i.e. horse stickers* for the poem above) to the border. 

horse stickers
Calendar Pictures

8. Or, they can choose a thematic calendar picture to go along with their poem (i.e. a horse picture for the poem above).

a calendar picture of a horse

Note: These easy horse art accents can go along with any horse writing prompt!

Print the Lesson


Sentence Scramblers (Using the following horse sentences)

Tale or Truth (Telling your own stories about horses)

a boy talking in front of a group of students