Gnome in a Pumpkin Patch-Fantasy

This is a fun pumpkin lesson to do during the fall.  I give a very general start to the story and the kids run with it!

Here’s the story line:  A gnome lives in a pumpkin patch and is in charge of taking care of the pumpkins through the night.  The gnome experiences an unusual event in the pumpkin patch.  It can be a problematic event or a fun silly event.

Common Core State Standards

NOTE: This lesson can address the following Common Core State Standards:  CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.K.3, W.1.3, W.2.3, W.3.3, W.3.3.B, W.3.3.C, W.3.3.D, W.4.3, W4.3.A, W.4.3.B, W.4.3.C, W.4.3.D, W.4.3.E, W.5.3, W.5.3.A, W.5.3.B, W.5.3.C, W.5.3.D and W.5.3.E.


To get a full understanding on how I conduct each writing lesson you may want to read the Writing Prompts Introduction post.  The lesson outlined below (and all other prompts posted) will make more sense and be easier to follow and use.  Here’s the lined paper I use for Grades K-2 and Grades 2-7

Tell the Story Line

  1. Tell the story line.  “You’re going to write a story about a gnome taking care of a pumpkin patch.  Something unusual happens.  The gnome has to solve the problem.”


2.  To get the kids thinking, have them imagine the gnome in the pumpkin patch at night.

First, have them brainstorm unusual things that might occur.  Here are just a few examples:

The pumpkins:

-come alive and have a huge party for fun

-turn mean and attack

–argue and battle each other

–endure a crow attack

Second, have the students think of ways the problem is solved or the fun ends.

Third, decide on a name for the gnome.

Show the 5 Sections

  1. Introduction
  2. A normal day
  3. All of a sudden,
  4. The problem gets worse
  5. Solution/Conclusion

As mentioned in my writing prompts introduction:  K-1st Graders are encouraged to write 1 sentence for each section, 2nd Graders 2 sentences, 3rd Graders 3 sentences and so on.


  1. First, start the story with the gnome saying something routine to the pumpkins or a loud sound that the gnome hears.
  2. Second, introduce the gnome, state his/her name, describe his/her personality and state his/her duties for the pumpkin patch.
  3. Third, describe the gnome completing his/her daily tasks in detail.
  4. Fourth, describe the problem. Writers can begin with a phrase like, All of a sudden,…
  5. Fifth, explain how the problem gets worse and seems to have no solution.  Then,
  6. Lastly, write about the moment of relief and ending to the story, such as, Out of the blue, or Thankfully…

Print the Lesson

Here’s the full lesson for you to print out and use.


Once students finished their writing, they worked on their pumpkin vine-art accent around the border.

pumpkin border

If a student incorporates slime or a pumpkin explosion, consider making time for him or her to make pumpkin slime or a pumpkin volcano from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Student Samples

pumpkin patch-a student's story pumpkin patch a student's story pumpkin patch a student's story pumpkin student's story


Correct the paragraph

Silly Sentences:  (#2 of our Top 5 Writing Games) Use gnome, vine, garden, pumpkin in one circle and students’ chosen words in the 2nd circle.

Words with # of letters (you can have fall themed books available)