Spin and Write Nouns for 60 Seconds

Students spin a category, then write nouns for 60 seconds.  This is a great game for reviewing vocabulary of any kind.

Even now, I’m imagining planning lessons for you all that involve Math, Science or History vocabulary.

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Language Learners

It can most definitely be used for language classes (either ESL OR for an English speaker learning another language such as Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, what have you) when reviewing basic vocabulary such as food, animals, clothing etc.

Common Core State Standards

This game can address the following Common Core Standards as well:  CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.K.5.A, L.1.5.A)

One Magnetic Spinner

You’ll need one magnetic spinner*.  If you haven’t read my full post on the winner spinner you won’t want to miss it!  It gives you a long list of game ideas that are so easy to run and super fun for the kids.  Check out the full post here.

Setting Up the Game:

Draw a circle on a whiteboard and divide it into 4, 6 or 8 sections (depending on how many categories you want to review or focus on).

write nouns  write nouns write nouns

Fill each section with a category.

spin a category, write nouns

For smaller groups (up to 8) I divide the board into 4 sections.  A pair is assigned to each section.

write nouns

For larger groups, or if I don’t have a classroom whiteboard, I divide the group into pairs.  I give each pair a small white board, dry erase marker and a sock to serve as an eraser.  You can purchase a class pack on Amazon*.

One camper spins.  I set my phone timer for 60 seconds.

write nouns

Then, one partner in each pair tries to write nouns that fit under the spun category.

write nouns

Campers can tally their words and keep their own score on their whiteboard (or above their section on the larger whiteboard).

One Step Further

To take the game a step further, you can play the game Scattegories style.  That means, that each camper reads off his/her list.  If anyone else wrote the same word, that word gets erased from ALL lists.  The camper then only gets points for words that he/she listed (and that no other camper thought of).

Having each camper read off his/her list takes a bit more time, but surprisingly, the campers remain engaged through it all and each camper is eager to read his/her list.

Continue play until everyone has had a turn to spin or your allotted time runs out!

Print the Instructions

Here are the instructions for you to print out and use.

Writing Prompts

This game can be played after the following writing prompts:

Calendar Page-Descriptive Scene

Festive Food-Personal Narrative

Old School Friendly Letter

10 Black Spiders-Rhyme