The Winner Spinner!


My business partner who teaches the art part of our art and writing camps spotted these at a Dollar Tree a few years ago and had a sharp sense to buy me one.

This magnetic spinner completely transformed my students’ writing!  I have produced so many engaging, never fail writing games from this simple spinner.

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Soon after receiving that one spinner, I bought 5 more.   I later learned that the Dollar Tree no longer sold them and found a pack of three on Amazon* for about $20.00.  Quite the inflation, BUT, these spinners create such successful games that spending a mere $20 has been VERY WORTH IT!!!

The spinners have been a game changer, specifically, for my reluctant writers.

Consistently, the students that are dragging their feet to write, crack a smile and turn a corner when I bring out the spinners.

Below is a list of game ideas to get your own students started!

Most likely, you’ll start thinking of games yourself, because the ideas truly are endless.

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Silly Sentences

Spelling/Vocabulary-4-11 Words

Spin a Punctuation!

Questions-4, 5, 6. 7 Words

Exclamations-4-11 Words

Facts and Opinions-4-11 Words

Facts and Opinions-Writing Version

Personification Statements 4-11 Words


Words With # of Letters

Words-1-4 Syllables

Phrases-5-8 Syllables

Question words-1,2,3

Spin a Category-60 seconds

Spin a Noun-List Adjectives

Spin an Adjective, Noun, Verb

60 Second Nouns-Adjectives-Verbs

Past Verbs that end in ED

Irregular Past Verbs-1,2,3




Facts and Opinions-Speaking Version


Spin-Spin-Letter Strokes!