Apples to Apples Game

The famous Apples to Apples game is great to have on hand.  It’s a talking game and has been the biggest hit among my before care campers at my summer writing camps.  It’s available for them, and if there are 3 or more campers, they usually end up playing Apples to Apples.

I also use it among large groups after we write specific writing prompts.

Common Core State Standards

Note:  This game can address the following Common Core Standards:  CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.1.6, SL.2.6, SL.3.6, Sl.4.6,

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Persuasive Writing

We often play Apples to Apples after completing a persuasive writing prompt because the game involves “persuading a judge to choose your card.”

It also works well with parts of speech since the entire game involves adjectives and nouns.

In order to use it as whole group, I designate two children to serve as judges.  They stand at the front of the room with the green cards that have ADJECTIVES.

Apples to Apples game cards

I divide the rest of the group into pairs and give each pair 5 red cards (NOUNS).

Apples to Apples game cards

The judges read the adjective from one green card.  Each pair has to choose one of their red cards (a NOUN) that they think best fits the adjective.  They have to come up with 1-3 reasons (depending on the age of the group) why their noun should be chosen.

The judges hear each pair, then choose a winner.  The winning pair can then become the next judges.

Continue play until each pair has had a turn to be judge or the allotted time runs out!

Print the Instructions

Here are the instructions for you to print out and use.

The Writing Version

I also have the children play this by writing their reasons in the Apples to Apples writing version.

Persuasive Writing Prompts

This is a great game to play after the completing the Apples Opinion With a Twist prompt!

A Lion’s Speech

I’m Ready For a Pet!

You’ve Got to Visit!

If you don’t have Apples to Apples it can be found at many stores or purchased on Amazon here*.

A shout out special thanks to Mattel for publishing such a fun game!