A Super Simple and Silly Spelling Activity

Here’s a super simple and silly spelling activitiy to help your child tackle those tricky words. It demonstrates how easily stickers and calendar pictures motivate children to write. Students love to choose and use stickers just like they love to choose and use calendar pictures in their writing.

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So, bring to the table any stickers, magazine pictures, calendar pictures or personal pictures you have. Print out favorite book or movie characters. Choosing these super simple art accents will motivate your child to write these silly sentences!

Now for the Simple Spelling Activity!

First, find THREE words that your child consistently misspells.  Don’t tell your child the words yet.

Next, have your child choose a calendar picture or sticker. Or, better yet, have them place a sticker on a picture. Another idea is to print out a favorite book or movie character and paste it to a calendar picture.

This particular student LOVED Sonic. So, I printed three pictures of Sonic for him to use three different times.

Spelling Activity

Now, show your child the three words that they need to use in their sentence. For the picture above, the child was given:


Last, have your child think of, and write, a sentence about the picture or sticker. The ONE sentence has to include all THREE words. Again, they can’t write three sentences.  They have to write ONE sentence using all THREE words. Look at this sample sentence that required the words, AROUND AGAIN and BECAUSE

simple spelling activity
Sonic is excited ecause he can jump around the flag again.

Check out this silly sentence that required the words MOTHER, EVERY and DOESN’T. The same student had chosen the sticker of Mt. Rushmore before he knew which words he had to use. I actually chuckled out loud the moment I read his sentence:

Spelling activity

You can continue to use this spelling activity for ANY words your children or students are having trouble with. Have lots of stickers, pictures and printouts available for them to choose from. Then, give each child THREE words that he or she needs to practice. Next, watch the sentences that they come up with and write. Last, enjoy the laughs!