Write Candy Names-A to Z

Students have a blast trying to write candy names for each letter of the alphabet.

Anytime you incorporate candy in a writing prompt or game, it’s most likely going to go very well.  Students got to write candy names for each letter of the alphabet after completing the Candy Corn-Opinion and Gumball Machine-Instructions writing prompts.

You could use this game around Halloween too, when candy is at the forefront of most kids’ minds!

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Write Candy Names-A to Z

I write the letters A-Z vertically in 4-5 columns on a classroom white board.  This can also be done on a chalkboard.

write candy names

I explain to the children that they have to write a candy word or brand for each letter of the alphabet.

write candy names

Then, I have 2-3 children come up at a time to write in a word.

write candy names  

It gets challenging.  But the kids can do it!

Print the Instructions

Here are the instructions for you to print out and use.

Thank you!

A shout out special thanks to companies like Just Born* and Willy Wonka Candy* manufacturers that create such candies and help make writing fun for kids!