Speak a Dialogue-Guess Who!

This game is a little more advanced but really fun!

One student stands at the front and speaks a 3 sentence dialogue.

1st Person: Did you find everything you need?

2nd Person: Yes, thank you.

1st Person: That will be $27.35.

Someone from the group then guesses which two people are having a conversation.

Here are some examples of people that could be talking to each other:


Grocery Store Clerk/Customer



Characters from a comic, book or movie

Because the concept in this game is more advanced, it’s hard for many students to think on the spot.

For this game to work best, I suggest giving the students time to think of the two people and to write out what each will say.   Or you can give the students the two people that are talking and they just write the dialogue.  Students can work alone or in pairs.  Play according to the skill level of your students.

Once the students have finished writing out their short dialogues, they can take turns reading and having their classmates guess who’s talking!

Print the Instructions

Here are the instructions for you to print out and use.

We played this game after writing our Calendar Picture Comics.