Learning to Read by Writing Sight Word Sentences

Sight word sentences are excellent for language learners of any age. 

They are also great for children learning to read. 

In fact, some children learn to read by writing these sentences first.

If you’re not familiar with Sight Word Sentences, you’ll want to read What Are Sight Word Sentences? first.

It’s important to note that sight word sentences should be taught after a child has learned the names and sounds of the letters in the alphabet.

Once children know the letter names and sounds, we can show them how these letters work together to form words.

Writing sight word sentences shows them how words work together to form sentences.

The first sight word sentence that I recommend teaching is: I am (name).

As a child learns to write, I am Kate or I am Max, they learn how to spell I and am. Once they know how to spell I and am, they will be able to recognize I and am in books and read those words.

Here’s a more advanced example of how sight word sentences teach children how to read.

My 5 3/4 year old son completed the first list January of his Kindergarten year and could write all of the words in isolation by memory. 

In listening to him read one morning, I realized he didn’t know how to read the word “with”. 

So, the next week, I gave him the sentence “I play with the ___.”  He had to fill in the blank.  He already knew the words I, play and the, so writing that sentence allowed him to focus on WITH.  He filled in the blank with his own word, snowmen, and added stickers to make the sentence fun!

My second son couldn’t read the word friend, until he learned how to write the sentence, You are my friend. from list 2.

You can do the same thing when you see that your child or students need to learn a specific word.

So many of my students have learned to read by first learning how to write these sentences.

Now that you know what sight word sentences are and how children can learn to read by writing them, here are:

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