Gumball to Machine–Mysterious Instructions

The kids love the mystery of this gumball game every time we play it!  This game creates an opportunity for them to hear instructions and follow them on paper.

We played this game after completing the

Gumball Machine Instructions Writing Lesson

Gumball machine clipart

and the

Art Accent to go with it.

Gumball machine art accent

Here’s how you play!

Have your students write in big letters GUMBALL at the top of a clean piece of paper.

The word gumball written on a piece of paper

Read through the following instructions for them to follow on their paper.  Take your time.  Go slow so students can follow along comfortably.  Repeat instructions if students ask you to.

  1. Switch the 2nd and 5th letters (gambull)
  2. Cross out the 1st letter (ambull)
  3. Switch the 1st and 2nd letters (mabull)
  4. Change the 3rd letter to ‘c’. (macull)
  5. Add an ‘e’ on the end (maculle)
  6. Change the 5th letter to ‘i’. (macuile)
  7. Change the 6th letter to ‘n’. (macuine)
  8. Change the 2nd vowel to h. (machine)

They should end up with the word MACHINE if they followed the steps correctly.

Print the Instructions

Here are the instructions for you to print out and use.

Print the same game in worksheet form here.

Fun Facts

Take this game a step further and share fun facts about bubblegum and gumballs with your students!

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