Calendar Pictures Motivate Young Writers!

Do not overlook calendar pictures.  I’ve had GREAT success using these in my writing workshops.

Calendar pictures motivate young writers.

Being able to choose a picture to write about or to accompany a story is highly motivating to young writers.

Not too long ago, in a descriptive writing camp, we were writing 5 minute lists to go along with our calendar pages.   A 9 year old boy looked at a few of the calendar pages and smirked, “I don’t like any of these pictures.”  I immediately responded, “Did you see the race cars?”

Calendar pictures of race cars

Those excited him!  He ended up writing lists for his race car calendar page and a scenic one.  Moreover, he eagerly raised his hand to have a turn in reading his lists.

He’s the only student I’ve ever had show any resistance towards calendar pages.  And even he made a quick turn around.  The kids truly love them!

They’re easy to get.

So, New Years rolls around.  Everyone gets a new calendar.  But what do they do with the old one?  Toss it!  (usually)  Well, toss it no more!  Go ahead and start asking your family and friends to give you their old calendars.

Stores like Dollar Tree and A.C. Moore sell them cheaply.

There is a store here called The Scrap Exchange that always has a lot.  You can get a huge bag full of old used and unused calendars for $5.00.  Here’s a stack of calendars I bought there not too long ago.

A stack of calendars

Most recently, generously donated a box full of outdated calendar pages to Fun Writing Ideas to give away to teachers and homeschool parents who will use them in their writing lessons.

If you’d like to have a set, you can subscribe to my free monthly newsletter and communicate to me via email which writing prompt you would like to conduct.

There are many ways to use them in writing.

It can be one of the 14 ideas I’ve posted or one that you’ve created.

Also, here are 5 ways to use calendar pages with very early writers.

Let me know what your students or children are working on and I’ll be happy to send you calendar pages for you to use!

Thank you again to for supporting Fun Writing Ideas!